After living in the United States for a period of time, many non-Native Americans, influenced by the culture here, inevitably change their work styles and ways of dealing with others. In order to survive better in the American social culture, I also realize that I have unconsciously infected some social interaction and thinking modes in the United States, some of which have gone deep into my heart, some of which are only superficial imitation. However, in all American cultures, what I can't learn or imitate is the attitude of "having fun" in doing anything. In American parlance, it's "have fun". Although I don't think much of the American values, I envy the American attitude of trying to "have fun" in everything. The "have fun" here is not the fun brought by the narrow sense and out play, but whether it's leisure activities or serious study or competition, Americans seem to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. From time to time, I go to watch NBA games on the spot. After the game, reporters often interview players. I find that most of the players talk about things like "we just went out there and had fun!" (we are just going out to play) such a sentence. I remember watching the television broadcast of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in Greece, many American athletes participating in various events, whether they were interviewed before or after the games, almost unanimously said that they came to "have fun". These people are incredible. The Olympic Games, which is stressful and stressful, can be regarded as "fun". If I had been breathing difficulties, sweating and heart attack for a long time, I just hope that the competition will be over and win soon. What's the fun! Not only a few Americans with strong heart function can "have fun", but even ordinary people can "have fun" in anything, even in something we don't think we can achieve with fun. I've noticed that when American friends talk to each other, when one person talks about his work or some business he is involved in, the other usually asks, "did you have fun?" Did you have a good time? )。 "Have fun" is everywhere in our daily life.